Freedom isn’t free?

“Freedom isn’t free.”

We all are well versed with this popular adage and maybe each one of us can have different view points. But today, I want you to look at this from a completely different angle or maybe a silly angle some would say.

Let me put out a very strong observation to support my argument and I believe 95% of the people reading this would relate it to the core.

Okay so lets Time Travel to the past …. (Any Marvel fans here? *_*)

Take yourself to the times when you were in grade II, III , V or at max grade VII. Remember, How we used to had seating rotations? On Monday sitting on the front bench with all the seriousness, concentration, mugging up whatever the teacher said and then suddenly on Friday sitting at the last bench, doing all kinds of mischiefs, with your soul and mind somewhere else but your heavenly body in the classroom and then again on the front bench but in a different row the very next day! Some of us actually hated that. Didn’t we? We craved for the freedom which we have today! Sitting wherever we like, with whoever we like. NO BOUNDATIONS! Moving forward in time, what happened when such BOUNDATIONS were lifted and you got the freedom you craved for? Let me help you.

That Freedom which you consider as FREEDOM (hyped a lot) actually constrained you.

Close your eyes and recall all the benches you have sat on and attended the lectures from in the class in the last 3 months(pre COVID). Here is what my scenario looks like —

Red dots indicate the benches where I have attended lectures from in the last 3 months.

Red dots indicate how well I have enjoyed my FREEDOM. And I guess similar is the case with you. Surprisingly, you too will have the same chart and will find yourself sitting at the same or maybe around one particular desk. And you know why? Because we have comforted ourselves to that place. We know how to hide ourselves from the professor, we know the angle where the professor cannot catch us while we are playing pubg in class. And Who doesn’t like the Comfort and that too with an added advantage of as some say FREEDOM !

Still this is a random distribution, now moving a step ahead. You get a good paying job, a cubicle of your own with all the privacy and stuff. But again. You go to the office and find yourself sitting at the same place throughout the day. MIND YOU, one place throughout the day!!

What difference does this make???

While in your school, you got to sit everywhere, near the window, with the birds singing, the bees humming, the trees swaying. Near the door, listening the pin drop silence of the corridor. At the last bench, with all kinds of funny sounds, mid-class lunch break. And at the first seat, with all the geeky nerds impressing the teacher. An All rounder basically.

Now, we enjoy the powerful silence of the corridor so much that we do not want to experience the melodious sound of the birds and vice versa. I remember last summer a professor told us, if we continue to misbehave she would make us do the rotation thing. And we all actually laughed at the very thought of this(including the professor).

The FREEDOM which we have been craving for since childhood turned out not to be free. It costed us our ability to think from a different perspective, to have a different view. This is actually CONFINEDOM (yeah I know this is not a word.)

Just one concluding line that covers the sole idea of this article —

“As we grow old, we are confined to our spaces, which actually hinders our growth and creativity in some way or the other”.

Thank you for all the patience in the WORLD and reading this!




Here to make a change!

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Yatharth Arora

Yatharth Arora

Here to make a change!

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