BLOCKShare — File Sharing dApp

If you have some confidential details related to some event, would you risk it sending via WhatsApp or E-mail?


Your every action on the World Wide Web is tracked and stored so the files you share are no exceptions! If people want they can easily have access to your files and sending files without encryption adds cherry on the cake.

Decentralised sharing is the best alternative when in this scenario.

How does the system Works?

Sender’s side

Make sure you enter the correct Recipient address as it is the only way through which the receiver will receive the file.

Receiver’s side

The Metamask extension automatically connects to the current active site. The window reads the Metamask address which is selected in the extension automatically.

Limitations as of now.

  1. Only a single file can be shared.
  2. Data is not encrypted before sending. If by any chance a third party gets access to the IPFS hash he/she can easily get access to your shared data from the decentralised system.
  3. No specific inbox system is maintained as of now. The previous file gets discarded when a new one is received by the receiver.

dApp :


Project Video:

PPossible Expansions

  1. IPFS and Blockchain can be easily used together to make a decentralised mail service or a messaging app.
  2. It can also be extended to make a social media site with the help of some centralizing techniques.





Here to make a change!

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Yatharth Arora

Yatharth Arora

Here to make a change!

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