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The welfare of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measurement of national income as defined by GDP. The man who invented GDP never thought it was a measure of welfare and nor should anyone else. If the copy of a religious book sells at the same price as Fifty shades of Grey, they are all the same as far as GDP is concerned. Your brain weighs 1500 grams and so does 3 bags of sugar. But the fact is you value your heart more than the sugar. So the concept of mass is not useless. And thus the…

Decentralization defeats deplatforming.

Mexico, Germany, France and countries around the world have expressed concern over the deplatforming of a sitting US president and his followers by a collection of American tech companies, India should prioritize national support for decentralized platforms like Ethereum to create social networks and messaging apps that US corporations can’t shut down. Part of the solution can also be national replacements for Twitter, but non-Indians won’t be on Indian Twitter, and India will still need to get messages out to the world on neutral international platforms. That’s what crypto permits.

Note that the risk of political deplatforming…

“Every Peak is followed by a Valley and we are in the middle of peak centralisation”

The last few months have been awful from the academic point of view! With the existing infrastructure, it is clear that conducting any subjective exam is a tedious task!

The response sheets were to be either emailed or uploaded on a third party app and neither of the two gave a confirmation if the proper file was received or not. There was always a risk of the email hanging out in the outbox or a temporary file being created on the Microsoft Teams app!

If you have some confidential details related to some event, would you risk it sending via WhatsApp or E-mail?


Your every action on the World Wide Web is tracked and stored so the files you share are no exceptions! If people want they can easily have access to your files and sending files without encryption adds cherry on the cake.

Decentralised sharing is the best alternative when in this scenario.

How does the system Works?

Re-Ply for Reply!

Social media has completely changed the way people think of conversations. It gives the people power to make an obligation on you without your consent.


You stumble across your friend on the busy streets of Mars (yea by the time people accept this we will be colonising Mars) and impromptu they said the word — “HEY!”. But unintentionally (or intentionally depending on your relations) you were not ready for this little greet and meet of theirs and completely went past ignoring them. RUDE? OH OFCOURSE! YOU TWO ARE THE ENDS OF A ROPE NOW! …

Two things I have always experienced while travelling in Indian Railways and I bet you too might have experienced it -

1. You prefer the lower berth not because it is comfortable but you are more worried about your luggage.

2. You always feel the urge to buy that 64/128GB Kingston pendrive from that ultra slim salesman who is selling it under INR 200.

What? 64GB Kingston Pendrive under 200? Yes I always go to Indian Railways when in need of a pen drive. Just Kidding. YKWIM

Counterfeit Products have become a major part of the market and with the…

The four letter word LOVE has a nick name and we know it by the name MATH. It simply amazes me how mathematical equations can teach us so much in Life.

If you have the ability to think rationally, decide what is right and what is wrong, can choose between the good and the evil, you already have an advantage of y0 steps in the success ladder.

Success ∝ Hardwork

Success = perseverance x Hardwork

While you climb the ladder of success, The perseverance to achieve more should not die. Slope of a line can change the whole damn picture.

Just as Rome was not built in a day, one of the most significant challenges for any startup is its ability to achieve critical mass.

Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter were launched in the year 2004 and 2006 respectively and since then have only multifold their business. They have connected nearly 3 billion people with their family, friends and have transformed how businesses advertise in the process. These Dotcom era social media platforms have their own data collection policies and collect users data to monetize it to the targeted advertisement companies. Dotcom era social media network is full…

“Freedom isn’t free.”

We all are well versed with this popular adage and maybe each one of us can have different view points. But today, I want you to look at this from a completely different angle or maybe a silly angle some would say.

Let me put out a very strong observation to support my argument and I believe 95% of the people reading this would relate it to the core.

Okay so lets Time Travel to the past …. (Any Marvel fans here? *_*)

Take yourself to the times when you were in grade II, III , V…

Before we can get an identifier like a Driving License or a Passport, we usually have to show some proof of our existence.with our name, our birth date etc. This usually takes the form of a birth certificate and getting a birth certificate is not as simple as it looks. According to a report from UNICEF, 25% of the births go unrecorded worldwide and not getting a birth certificate is an issue that needs to be pondered upon. Not having a birth certificate can have life shattering consequences, children without birth certificates can have trouble getting education, healthcare facilities, may…

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